The Courses We Offer

Our secondary school offers a diverse range of courses designed to inspire and empower students. From STEM subjects like mathematics and computer science to humanities such as history and literature, our curriculum fosters critical thinking and creativity. We also provide practical vocational courses, including business studies and culinary arts, ensuring students are prepared for future career opportunities. With a focus on holistic development, our secondary school equips students with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


At our primary school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that sparks curiosity and nurtures young minds. Our courses cover essential subjects such as language arts, mathematics, and science, building a strong foundation for academic success. Additionally, we prioritize holistic development through engaging arts and physical education programs, fostering creativity and active lifestyles. Our primary school also emphasizes social and emotional learning, providing courses on empathy, teamwork, and character development. With a supportive and inclusive environment, we prepare our students to become confident and well-rounded individuals ready to embrace future challenges.